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Echo Lake essential oils are very clean, soft and aromatic.  Formulated for soothing the spirit, mind, and body, reducing daily stress and encouraging well being.  Our unique essential oil blends smell wonderful, satisfaction guaranteed.  We offer both pure essential oils and body safe as noted below.   
Wholesale Essential Oils:  Contact us for wholesale essential oil pricing. Precautionary Notes:  Essential oils are NOT recommended during pregnancy, if there is an existing medical condition or if taking prescription drugs without approval from a physician. Keep out of reach of children and pets. NOT for internal consumption.  Do not use essential oils within 12 hours prior to sun exposure.  Products do not diagnose, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.

Body Safe Essential Oils Blended

Body Safe Essential Oils
Glass Bottle with sealed cap
1 oz. ~ $7.00

Blended in our choice carrier oils and ready for use as a massage oil which leaves the skin silky and hydrated. 
Apply oils to pulse points for reducing stress or mood enhancement.  Essential oils may be beneficial for achy muscles, problematic skin conditions, adding shine to dry hair and nail care.  Our essential oils are also used as an anointing oil and a natural body perfume.

Pure Essential Oils
  Glass bottle with euro dropper
5 ml (1/6 oz) - $6.50

Highly concentrated, dilute in a carrier oil to a therapeutic level of 1% to 3% prior to use on the skin.  Add the percentage noted to the bath and body products, mix a few drop with a natural carrier oil and add to the bath.  Use undiluted in oil warmers.  For more information visit
Essential Oil Uses

 $8.00 Shipping For Retail Orders
Essential Oils have our beautiful Whispering Woods Product Labels.

Product labels are the same designs as our soy candles.  See sample below. 
Each blend has a different color with corresponding information for each blend.  Product images coming soon.



Echo Lake Essential Oil Blends


Essential Oils Juliet's Blend

Essential Oils Catherine's Blend 

Lavender essential oils, citrus essential oils and other proprietary essential oils.

Bergamot essential oils, Mandarin essential oils, Grapefruit essential oils, Citrus essential oils and other proprietary essential oils.   Clean and tropical essential oils.
Essential Oils for rejuvenation, reducing stress and creativity.  Uplifting and fresh.

May be beneficial for improving circulation, as a natural cleanser and toner, anti-bacterial properties.

Essential oils for optimism, love and lifting the emotions.

May be beneficial for balancing oil in the skin, reducing anxiety and irritability.


Essential Oils Caden's Blend

Essential Oils Genevieve's Blend

Bergamot essential oils,, Jasmine essential oils, Sandalwood essential oils, Rose Absolute essential oils, Fresh Citrus and other proprietary essential oils.

Basil essential oils, Lavender essential oils, Marjoram essential oils, Sandalwood essential Oils, Garden Citrus and other proprietary essential oils..
Essential oils for love, protection, romance and increasing energy. Rich, warm and exotic essential oils.  

May be beneficial for
rheumatism and insomnia,  hydrating sensitive skin, easing headaches and soothing sore muscles. 
Essential oils for enhanced mental energy, focus and boosting the immune system.

May be beneficial for congestion, fatigue, sore muscles, improving circulation and balancing a women's moon time


Essential Oils Sadie’s blend

Essential Oils Tabatha’s Blend

Ylang Ylang essential oils, Orange essential oils, soft Forest Essential Oils and other proprietary essential oils. Rosewood essential oils, Bergamot essential oils, Exotic Citrus essential oils and other proprietary essential oils.
Essential oils for healing and tranquility.

May be beneficial for improving circulation, reducing congestion and encouraging sleep and relaxation.

Essential oils blend for optimism, new beginnings, self-confidence and emotional stability.

May be beneficial for adding moisture to the skin and hair,  acne, eczema, circulation and sore muscles.


Essential Oils Ruby's blend

Essential Oils Lillian's Blend

Clary Sage essential oils, Eucalyptus essential oils, Frankincense essential oils, Fresh Herbals, Soft Forest essential oils and other proprietary essential oils. Moroccan Chamomile essential oils, Grapefruit essential oils, Lime essential oils, Tee Tree essential oils and other proprietary essential oils.
A comforting essential oil blend for clearing energy, mediation mental clarity,  

May be beneficial for stiff muscles, inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, hydrating skin and hair.  

A clean and healing essential oil blend for boosting the immune system,  obtaining financial and personal goals.

May be beneficial for detoxifying, inflammation, oily skin conditions and congestion.


Essential Oils Grace’s Blend

Essential Oils Elizabeth's Blend

Moroccan Chamomile essential oils, Ylang Ylang essential oils,  Sandalwood essential oils, French Lavender essential oils and Rose Absolute essential oils and other proprietary essential oils.   Roman Chamomile essential oils, Geranium essential oils, Marjoram essential oils,  French Lavender Essential Oils and other proprietary essential oils.
Essential oil blend for promoting positive energy, peace and balance of energy.

May be beneficial for soothing tired muscles, headaches, reducing stress and balancing the production of oil in the skin and hair and romance.

A balanced essential oil blend for warmth, inner peace, comfort,

May be beneficial for muscle fatigue, hydrating dry skin and hair,  reducing anxiety, congestion and as a mild sedative.  


Essential Oils Emma's Blend

Essential Oils Mattie’s Blend

Lavender essential oils,  Ylang Ylang essential oils, Citrus essential oils, Mandarin essential oils, Soft Forest Essential Oils and other proprietary essential oils. Lemon Citrus Essential Oils and other proprietary essential oils.  A very fresh and warm essential oil blend.
A fresh essential oil blend for tranquility, peace,  actualizing dreams and wishes. 

May be beneficial for toning combination skin and hair,  mild depression, anxiety, easing PMS symptoms, circulation and congestion.    

Warm and uplifting essential oils blend for love, grace, patience and new perspectives. 

May be beneficial for lifting the spirits, reducing daily stress, boosting the immune system, improving circulation and soothing sore muscles. 



Echo Lake Essential Oils - New Single Notes



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Essential Oil Uses and Chart

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